Chug’s is not a new restaurant, but they did just undergo a big renovation and expansion. And going back here feels like reuniting with a cousin you haven’t seen since they were five—who is now a cool adult with interesting opinions, a unique sense of style, and the ability to cook phenomenal meatloaf. All this is to say: Chug’s is better and cooler than ever, and feels like a completely new restaurant. The Coconut Grove spot has the DNA of a classic diner, with booths, counter seating, and laminated menus you can flip through on each table. It’s a great call for breakfast or brunch, but it’s also lively enough for a weekend dinner (the cocktails are great too). The excellent food is familiar, mostly Cuban dishes. But there are plenty of unique twists along the way, like medianoche pierogis filled with ham and lechón, and a meatloaf that will make you excited about meatloaf for the first time since (possibly) ever.


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