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Chug's Diner in 2024 MICHELIN guide

Contrary to popular belief, we have bad weather in Miami, so we really do appreciate those absolutely perfect 72-degree days when we nearly shed a tear every time we open the door. When that happens, eating outside is basically mandatory, and the places on this guide are where you should go to do it. These are the restaurants where sitting outside is the whole point—places that are going to make you look around and mumble a prayer of gratitude that you’ll never have to learn what black ice is. And if you’re looking for the best waterfront restaurants in Miami, we’ve got a guide for that too.

As much as we like scooting into one of Chug’s bouncy booths, the Coconut Grove Cuban diner has a great patio that deserves your attention on a nice day for an outdoor brunch or lunch. The big courtyard is filled with shaded tables and plants, and is also located far enough from the sidewalk that you won’t have to worry about pedestrians bumping into your table. It’s exactly the kind of setting where you want to be cutting into one of Miami’s greatest pancakes on a Sunday morning.


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