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Chug's Diner in 2024 MICHELIN guide

Like fire exits and bathrooms, you should always know where the nearest great burger is. That is why we made this list. Well, that and to have an excuse to eat four cheeseburgers a week for two months. Nonetheless, we now present to you our absolute favorite burgers in Miami. And after reading this guide, you can feel secure in your knowledge of where to find the nearest excellent burger.

Chug’s burger is a towering creation, held together by nothing but good burger engineering and every one of your fingers, which will grasp onto this thing like it’s the Hope Diamond. There’s nothing too complicated going on (except the dexterity required to eat it). It’s two patties, American cheese, pickles, shredded lettuce, and house sauce between a sesame seed bun. But, like everything this Coconut Grove Cuban diner does, it’s perfectly cooked, meticulously arranged, and hits your table looking like the burger equivalent of a supermodel.


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