Thanks to a big renovation and expansion, the Coconut Grove Cuban diner Chug’s is better than ever, and feels like a completely new restaurant. It has the DNA of a classic diner, with booths, counter seating, and laminated menus you can flip through on each table. It’s still a great call for breakfast or brunch, but the best part about Chug’s 2.0 is that it’s also lively enough for a really fun weekend dinner (especially since their cocktails are so good). The excellent food is familiar, mostly Cuban dishes and some great sandwiches. But there are plenty of unique twists along the way, like medianoche pierogis filled with ham and lechón, an incredibly flavorful meatloaf, and dessert that should be mandatory to order. Also, right now Chug’s is doing 99 cent martinis (bar seating only) every day from 6-7pm.


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